Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Projection of Waste Management

Indonesia is one of developing countries which is its economics awaken and have a crucial problem due to waste processing. This problem especially happened in several Indonesian metropolis cities, one of them is special region of Jogjakarta. Till now, this area is not yet utilized by waste processing infrastructur which is able to recycle garbage become something new and good for. Governor of special region Jogjakarta had been long enough recognized this problem and till now is continuing to look for an effective and correct solution for solving it. With existence of waste processing infrastructure, is expected to enhance standard life in special region of Jogjakarta, specially health, environment and also protection of natural resources will enhance up to better significantly. Presently, waste processing still have potency to be developed in order to run more optimum and efficient, and this matter will be planned and conducted by special government of Jogjakarta Difficulties will be faced by government of Jogjakarta at the moment for its logistics which could be able to support waste processing correctly. This matter mostly cause of transportation infrastructure which is not yet by technological usage utilized. For instance, road access which is tight and small and therefore it will need transportation method which could penetrate into this condition. In other side, the real use of high technological waste management not yet applicable. This condition cause of international standard project mostly bear with fund. Therefore, support of the government of Jogjakarta to apply the usage of standarized international waste management is very required. Based on consideration issues mentioned above, it come up to solution in developing an economical garbage processing system which could bring an advantages to society. The solution could be form by waste management project . This Jogserve consist of an functional network by decentralization, separate by more or less 4 site of waste relocation and 1 (one) waste processing centre. In each relocation station, waste will be separated based on criterion below:

After separate based on criterion above, so goods will be transfered to waste processing centre. The usage of term goods here is to show, that waste if/when processed correctly will become a beneficial result